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11 Critical Marketing Strategies You Need To Implement Right Now Or Else You Don't Stand A Chance

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This report reveals detailed information and examples on how to…

1. Make an Irresistible Offer that the market can’t refuse

2. Create Value that will keep people coming back forever

3. Differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd

4. Offer Something Of Value For Free to kill multiple birds with one stone

5. Create An Ideal Customer and stop wasting time and money marketing to everyone

6. Optimizing Your Digital Assets is the fastest and quickest ways to reduced expenses, lower ad spends, get higher conversion rates, get more organic traffic and more

7. Target Multiple Segments Of The Buyers Cycle to escape the piranha filled reality of buy now advertising

8. Don’t Just Start A Blog, Implement A Whole Strategy to create sustainable gains

9. Promote Less and Engage More so you don’t tire out and fatigue your audience

10. Create Goodwill and be seen as a caring giving person/company and get more notoriety

11. Innovate and Automate to become more efficient and save a ton of time!

What can you expect from this report?

• This report gives you 11 critical strategies you need to implement right now or else your business doesn’t stand a chance.

• These 11 strategies are from 2-8 pages long each.

• They are in specific order from 1 to 11.

• Each strategy is defined and given within examples.

• There are a lot of free tips and tricks throughout the strategies that you can immediately implement within your own business, without having to give us any money, ever.

• This report spends a lot of time giving you reasons why you should be implementing these strategies.

• It also contains a conclusion, an about us and about me, a why you should trust this report and a sources section.

What won’t you get in this report?

• There are no step by step follow along and do exactly this to make a great ppc ad type of strategies or examples.

• You won’t get any promotion.

• You won’t get any crap or fluff or click-bait nonsense.

• You won’t get a ton of political correctness or contrived safe PR campaigns rhetoric.

• But, you will have a tough to impossible time getting ahead without this report and these 11 strategies.

What is an example of the report, is there an excerpt, what will you be reading?

“Once you hone and optimize some assets, it can free you up to take advantage. Now you can spend more or run more ads. This is one way to help scale a company or at worst at least grow your company. Don’t be afraid to grow your company. Be afraid to stagnate or stay the same.

This last scenario is just one small example, using a small budget and just one buy now type ad.

So what was the point of that scenario?

Not only are you likely spending way more than you need to for far fewer leads and customers than you’d like, you are also hurting your brand credibility, the message of your offer, your market authority and a whole lot more.

Optimizing digital assets is one of the quickest and fastest ways to solid sustainable organic growth. Not only can it save you money and make you a bundle on paid ads, it is one of the best ways to gain more organic traffic and convert more customers.

Your digital assets are basically your marketing tools, make sure you sharpen them up!

Sharp well oiled digital assets will put the work in for you, even when you sleep.

Near the top of page 5 on optimizing digital assets and I am yet to talk much about your website.

It isn’t a sales tool, it is so much more than that. It is an extension of your brand, a place you can provide an experience and introduce people to your company, your message, your style and personality. Do it right and it will be a sales engine, a driving force, a machine of menace to your main competitors.

The sad reality is, most websites suck!

Do you know one of the biggest problems plaguing websites?

A focus on pretty and special wow design, or following cheap template layouts and companies, designers, coders and freelancers following owners advice, orders and instructions on what to do and how to do it! That’s okay though, so long as you have a pretty website everything will be okay, I’m sure the bank will let your debt and payments slide. Sometimes living the façade to push the perception is more important than winning customers minds and hearts and using your website to its best ability to gain traffic and convert leads.

Do you want to know what another terrible disease of websites is?

Poor, bland, awful, possibly bragadocious and confusing copy with unrelated and vague images. This copy is often also laid out in a bad way that makes it hard to read and understand what is going on. Sometimes the website designer took “a picture speaks a thousand words” to heart. Google is yet to create an algorithm to decipher a designers images used and their intent of meaning within the context of everything else. And don’t get me started on bloated websites with terrible technical SEO that take forever to load!

I remember someone telling me not to tell people to relax because it didn’t work, so I’ll just say, I myself have made all of these same mistakes. I only speak so harshly because I have experienced the pain of these errors and do not want you to have to experience the same struggles. It comes out this way because I’m reliving these moments as I write, and this harsh self-talk is often one of my great tools to break the chains of dysfunction and stay focused and diligent.

Let’s be very brutally blunt here, your website probably sucks.

The right question is….

How much is this costing you?

One of my current clients said it was

“very well thought out and well written. Your back story and experience was intriguing and interesting.”

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