Expert Cheat-Sheet™
Get a 142+ page document personalized to your situation which is aimed directly at improving your bottom line through various insights, improvements, analysis and action steps...
With an Expert Cheat-Sheet™ by Mayer Digital Agency, Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals can get ahead through an unbiased non-partisan big picture view that can help make critical improvements.

Expert Cheat-Sheet™

Get In-Depth Analysis and Reporting In An Expert Cheat-Sheet™ That Can:

• Provide insight from an unbiased non-partisan and experienced view
• Help you create a winning strategy
• Save You Time
• Give you easy to understand and implementable action steps
• Make improving your company and its bottom line fun
• Set goals and targets which increase the ease and probability of achieving results
• Understand the areas most critical to improving and the areas you are currently doing good in

With an Expert Cheat-Sheet™...

You Get:

 142+ Pages Of Analysis and Reporting
 A SWOT Analysis
 A Mayer's Score
 Action Steps
 A Plan Of Attack
 Valuable Unbiased Insight To Help Shed Light On Your Current Situation

What Is The Expert Cheat-Sheet™?

The Expert Cheat-Sheet™ is a 142+ page document. It is comrpised of in-depth analysis and reporting. This anlysis and reporting is based on the

Mayers Strategy Score and Rank™


This is a business scoring and ranking system. It is comprised of:
• 5 Power Tiers
• 54 Strategies
• 0-5 Scoring System For The Strategies
• An Exclusive Equation
• A Scoring Wheel from 0-100 which is comprised of 10 different ranking sectors

This equation calculates a score out of 100, based on the analysis and scoring using the Mayer Strategy Score and Rank. This is your Mayer's Score. It will fall into one of the 10 ranking sectors. From 'Close The Doors' to 'Great'. It compares you against a perfect company, entrepreneur or professional. The purpose of the game is to get your score to 100, or as high as you possibly can.

Mayer's Magic Number

Your score is calculated using Mayer's Magic Number and represents an extremely accurate idea of how you stack up against the best. It provides a singular point of reference to the health and current situation of you or your company.

How Is This Number Calculated?

This number is calculated first by doing a thorough analysis of you or your company. This analysis takes 54 categories, that are actually things we have deemed marketing strategies, and using the data gained from the analysis, applies a score from 0-5 to each of the 54 strategies. The scores are as follows:

 5 - As good as it gets
 4 - Good you're on the right track, now make it better
 3 - Okay. Not good, not bad, just okay. Still needs work.
 2 - Not helping but better than 1.
 1 - Completely misses the mark
 0 - Non-existent

The 54 strategies these scores apply to are organized into Power Tiers. These power tiers range from Tier#1 to Tier#5. Tier #1 are the most powerful strategies. We deem these strategies the most potent and immediate in their effect and impact to the bottom line and particularly the revenues and upward gains you can make with them. Tier #5 while the weakest of the Power Tiers, is still a critical Tier of strategies that we feel are imperative to improving your bottom line.

A Highlight Of What You Are Doing The Best

We take your best four strategy scores and go into more depth. This allows you to know for certain where your strengths lay. It ensures you don't make any uneeded change or mistake. I

A Highlight Of What You Are Doing The Worst

Here we take your worst four strategy scores and go into more detail. We provide insight and advice to help improve these scores.

108 Pages Of Insight and Advice for the 54 Strategies

Each Strategy receives 2 full pages of targeted insight and advice, including steps you can take immediately to improve upon your score.

Expert Cheat-Sheet™

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