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Today I wanted to share some Mayers Wisdom.

Basically we have this thing, where we try and name things and make things cool, such as WednesdayWisdom… every Wednesday we give you some wisdom in the form of posts and/or videos, which can help you save money and/or time and give you some tips and tricks so you can raise your DIY game.

So as I was saying today is Mayers Wisdom.

And the topic is Advertising.

But not just any advertising, laser focused advertising.

Advertising is a powerful marketing strategy and one of the best and fastest ways to go big or go bust.

The wisdom I want to share with you today is this:

You must focus with a laser precision with your advertising


Not just any focus

Not on your ideal customer, or your kpi’s, or how cool your ad is, or whats the cheapest way to flash an ad in someones face…

I want you to laser focus on your pinnacle goal, your utmost desired outcome for your advertisement, the peak of your hopes and dreams, everything you are striving for with just one specific ad…

The reason you should do this is this:

If you focus on something other than your pinnacle goal you will lack the clarity and judgment to craft the perfect ad and best campaign for the situation. The perfect ad for the situation can only be made IF you start with the end goal and desire for the ad.

If you fail to do this you will make poor decisions along the way.

For instance Maybe you just want traffic, perhaps you want some engagement, maybe you want leads, or not just any leads but highly qualified leads, or sales or you really desperate need sales.

You could want a low click through rate but a high conversion rate, or a higher click through rate with an average conversion rate.

Whatever the reason, it is the foundation and backbone of your whole ad.

There are ultimately a lot of steps you have to take and perform well in order to come up with a successful ad.

If your focus is on your click through rate and not your peak goal, you will most often fail to craft the killer headline you need to get someone to take action.

Not only that you will likely structure your whole ad wrong and choose the wrong platform.

Lets say you are looking for highly qualified leads but are more focused on achieving a high click through rate to really get people clicking so you can see some action, you are going to cost yourself a lot more money and get a bunch of unqualified leads. You will also write the wrong ad targeting those clicks.

And this is just one element of an ad. There are numerous other steps that should be geared towards your overall goal.

There is also the CTA, the body copy, the benefits and features, the ideal customer, the platform you advertise on and the demographic and psychographic of the userbase of each platform, how they interact and engage with advertisements and the list goes on.

On a platform like Facebook at the time of first shooting, if you want highly qualified leads the best way is to write long-form ads.

The problem with those is they are more expensive.

This also often results in lower click through rates, as you unqualify more and more people the further down the list you go.

This then should, if all is done right, result in a high conversion rate.

This high cost per click and low click through rate will bring you higher conversions and highly qualified leads more likely to convert into a client or customer.

Whereas a vague short ad might get you a bunch more cheaper clicks, a higher click through rate in general and yet most often fewer overall conversions and sales.

This can often lead to spending more for less when you could have just spent more time qualifying someone and paying the higher cost per click from the get go.

The trick part about is that it ultimately depends on each persons situation and service or product. While the system and process is the same, the strategy often changes depending on the service or product.

Lets not forget there are a ton of platforms and a plethora of key performance indicators. And each one of these platforms needs to be utilized differently in order to maximize your return on ad spend and connect with the right people in a way that will give you the clicks and conversions you are looking for.

Far too many people relying on platform defaults and often times themselves, which is awesome of course DIY is great, but it can lead your ads to cost you more money, time, cause you lesser clients and can hurt your brand credibility.

So to conclude this video, todays topic was advertising.

But not just any advertising, laser focused advertising, but not just any focus, not any metric or customer but rather on the end goal, the pinnacle dream and desire, the thing you want to achieve from the ad.

Being focused on the peak goal will help you come up with the proper strategy which will in turn help you write the killer ad you need to dominate the competition.

Withtout a killer ad setup and organized professionally you will simply bleed money and time. If this is you and things are going okay, just think how good they really could be going with even better ads!!!

So the next time you go to write or make an ad, before you start, I want you to think of what the end goal and pinnacle goal is. Laser focus on this and let’s see what you come up with.

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