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About Us

This is who we are

Mayer Digital Agency is not an agency like you might think...

The word agency means many things...

Depending on the dictionary you look at, the definition will have up to and beyond 9 different meanings and will be in different orders... Agency can mean

1. The condition of being in action; operation.
2. The capacity to act and exert power
3. The means or mode of acting; instrumentality...
To succeed in business and especially marketing you need to have all three of those...

Ultimately Mayer Digital Agency is a boostrapped consulting and marketing company...

It is a Justin Mayer Group Inc. Company...

We have 0-10 employees and often use partners and sub-contractors...

We choose partners who align with our vision and goals...

This helps keep the cost to our great clients as competitive as possible...

Founder and Lead Consultant

Justin Mayer Founder and Lead Consultant

About Justin Mayer

Ultimately the reason this digital agency even exists is because of something that happened in 2008. After saving Federated Co-operatives Forest Products Division over $3.5 Million in a newly negotiated inter-modal contract and multiple years of making them millions of dollars, I was laid off, with little warning, and never called back.

This lack of loyalty and overall feeling of being totally replaceable at any time, made me quickly realize I never wanted to work a job or be an employee ever again!

That one moment sparked everything that has happened since and now I have this new company to add to my holding company, Justin Mayer Group Inc..

I now focus on helping clients and customers through the Corporation I founded and am the majority shareholder of, and not padding the coffers of some distant company that barely knew I even existed.

More than anything what really happened was I found my true calling.I just didn't know it at the time.

I had become forced into making something happen, with the desire to avoid being an employee.

I turned down a $100,000 job offer and decided to take the plunge into a full-time entrepreneur. The problem was I didn't know it. The benefit was I gained so much experience and did so much research that I became extremely knowledgeable in a lot of subjects and fields.

I had jumped into music, starting a company with a friend, and handled all sorts of interesting tasks. The difficult and diverse music industry forced me to delve into areas of marketing, design, and law-like I never had before. After 8 or so years, a breakup of the partnership, performing in an arena and landing music on prime time television I finally decided to diversify.

I ultimately took a fancy tech idea I had and some multiple revenue streams I had at the time and put them together under a parent corporation. I took each revenue stream and built a company around it, using my Parent as a Conglomerate and each new company its child.

After a couple of years in business with this new Corporation, I started to realize something.

I was doing way more consulting than anything else. In an effort to land clients and provide customer service and retention, I had ultimately been giving free consultancy to clients and prospects.

Then one day a client just paid me for it and put consulting on the cheque as consulting.

To make a long story short, I ultimately decided to create this company, "Mayer Digital Agency" as a consulting and marketing agency and publicly offer consulting and marketing services.

Thank-you for taking the time to look around Mayer Digital Agency. Please feel free to reach out and get in touch with us at any time. We are truly here to help. To help you increase your sales, get you more customers and improve your brand credibility, guaranteed!

Some of Justin Mayer's Achievements

Here are some of my achievements. These are mostly non-related achievements that provide the "cool" factor. They will loosely show you how talented I may or may not be, and the small level of success I have achieved elsewhere.

A lot of my history includes experience in sales and service orientated work.

Durham College – Design

Durham College – Business

My 1st Business Venture survived 9 Years. Statistics Canada states 86% of businesses within the same industry fail to survive to their 9th year. If not for a change in partnership, a relocation and a desire to rebrand, it would still be surviving.


Produced, Composed & Performed at the 2011 Western Canadian Summer Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Nominated for a 2009 & 2010 BC Interior Music Award in the Urban/Dance Category. (The only times I entered any awards)

Produced, Composed & Performed Music that has received Commercial & College Radio Play. Member of CIRA, SOCAN, BMI, SESAC, ASCAP.


MTV’s New Years Eve Bash
Jersey Shore
Joan & Melissa
Running Russell Simmons
All On The Line
Brooklyn 11223
Rhett & Link

Advertising Campaigns

Red Bull Media House
S&M Bikes
Rip Curl


2008 Spalding Cup Champion
2006 Spalding Cup Championship
Flight Low Gross Winner

Member of Program Advisory Board at Durham College
Member of Durham College golf team
– 1st at 2001 St. Clair Invitational
– 2nd 2001 OCAA Championship
– 3rd 2002 Club De Golf Quebec Championship
– 5th 2002 OCAA Championship
– 11th 2002 CCAA Championship

– 2001 & 2002 MVP

– 2001 All Ontario Team
– 2nd 2004 Vernon Golf & CC Pro-Am

–1st 2018 Gorge Vale Mixed Scramble

(I have some other strong results that I have yet to add)


Senior Business Award
Senior Mathematics Award
Creative English 8 Award
Passport to Education (Honours achieved every semester)
Captain of senior golf and basketball teams
Grade 11 & 12 Basketball Leading Scorer
Grade 11 & 12 Golf Low Gross Leader
Tournaments: AL Fortune All-Star, Westsyde Whundas MVP, CSS Raiders MVP, 2nd Team All-Star OVSAA,
Provincial Championship Game Star & Tournament Team Leading Scorer.

This is what we stand for

Our Mission and Vision Statements


To help people and companies get ahead by educating and empowering them with honest, open and transparent advice and effective and consistent service and product...


To become a leading consulting and marketing agency offering exclusive and proprietary services and products, that provide consistently high-value.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

For Our Eyes Only