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About Us

This is who we are

Mayer Digital Agency is not an agency like you might think...

The word agency means many things...

Depending on the dictionary you look at, the definition will have up to and beyond nine different meanings and will be in different orders... Agency can mean

1. The condition of being in action; operation.
2. The capacity to act and exert power
3. The means or mode of acting; instrumentality...
To succeed in business and especially marketing you need to have all three of those...

Mayer Digital Agency is a Justin Mayer Group Inc. Company...

We have zero to ten employees and often use partners and sub-contractors...

We choose partners who align with our vision and goals...

This helps keep the cost to our great clients as competitive as possible...

Founder and Lead Consultant

Justin Mayer Founder and Lead Consultant

Justin Mayer

Justin Mayer graduated with honors from Durham College.

He took one year of design foundations and three years of business.

He has won a math award and a business award and a photography award and been in the top percentile of most classes he ever took.

Justin received numerous scholarships throughout his life for his academic achievements. He also sat on a program advisory board.

He has also studied Marketing Geniuses like Dr. Flint Mcglaughlin and his MecLabs Institue, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, David Ogilvy, and many more...

He has used Coursera and Udemy to increase his knowledge-base as well passed some Google Certifications.

Justin's bookshelf is also full of relevant material from Sun Tzu to Rousseau to Nietsche to Confucious and negotiating and marketing books from well known and successful authors. If Justin is taking a break he is likely consuming some high-level information whether via book or online.

He is currently a member of CARAS, CIRA, SOCAN.

This is what we stand for

Our Mission and Vision Statements


To help people and companies get ahead by educating and empowering them with honest, open and transparent advice and effective and consistent service and product...


To become a leading consulting and marketing agency offering exclusive and proprietary services and products, that provide consistently high-value.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

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