Mayer's Money Back Guarantee™
We Get You Results Or You Don't Pay

Mayer's Money Back Guarantee

Get your money back if we don't get you results

Even if you just need us to do something for you and have no expectations our Money Back Guarantee still applies...

Even the best of the best in any field don't achieve a 100% success rate. Some of the best copywriters say that even achieving a 50% success rate on their campaigns is a great accomplishment. Using our "Mayer's Strategy Score and Rank™" we believe strongly enough that we can increase your sales, get you more customers and improve your brand credibility to still offer a money-back guarantee.

How does our Guarantee work?

Basically, if we don't get you results, then we work for free.
This means you get back whatever money you paid to us, minus 3rd party costs such as advertising costs or fixed costs that you agreed to within the proposal, and that's it.
It's really that simple. We get results or we work for free!

What are results?

Results are an increase, an improvement, a benefit, a return, or anything positive that you receive that may or may not be tied to direct views, downloads, emails, sales, and more.
Results can be tied to profit or simply traffic or data or numbers.

What terms are there? What will break the guarantee?

1. We will always tell you before we start the detailed specifics of the guarantee and any results we have agreed to be judged by.
2. You will have to provide us before stats and data and quantifiable numbers plus access to backends and accounts in order for us to do analytics and track the progress and the results in comparison to the agreed terms.
3. You will have to agree not to change our work. If you change our work, such as change anybody's copy or headlines or images or anything, then the guarantee becomes null and void. We will always tell you when you want to change something, if we will be able to offer the guarantee afterward.
4. In some instances, our proposal may include duties and tasks you have to complete in order to be eligible to get your money back should we fail. These may include tasks such as specific social media posts, emails, phone calls, presentations or other various things required for the strategy and plan to succeed.(these duties and tasks can be handled by us at a higher proposal rate.)

The final low-down!

Essentially we both have to agree to the results and the judging parameters, before we proceed. Both parties have to be comfortable and on the same page before starting. Once we agree, we shake hands and enter into a small written agreement, and commence work.

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