Mayer Strategy Score and Rank
A scoring and ranking system that makes growing and scaling business fun...

The "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" is a system of strategies, ranks, and scores that breaks down a business, entrepreneur, or professional into 54 categories.

These categories are actually strategies.
These strategies are focused around the revenue areas of business such as sales, customers, brand credibility, service, retention and more.

The "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" is a proprietary and exclusive strategy system to help maximize growth and organize tasks and actions.

The "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" helps do the following:

• Breaks down cluttered commerce into an understandable and easy to follow system of strategy

• Organize business and the revenue side of it

• Create clarity and understanding

• Provide analysis and information

• Provide the details required to mitigate risk

• Creates easy to follow action steps

• Uses simple to follow marketing strategies and plans that are easy to implement

• Helps in implementing the best overall strategy for your personal situation

• Highlights areas of weakness, strength and opportunity while warning of the threats

• Gives you a tangible score that you can focus on and a fun system that can help engage you in the right areas to improve

• Turns improving your bottom line, growth, creating value and making money into a funner and healthier game - this fun new game is designed to help minimize stress

• This game is to improve your Mayer Strategy Score. The pinnacle of greatness is to score 100!

The "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" is not a service or product...

It is a system.

The definition of a system is as follows:

1. a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. "the state railroad system" Similar: structure organization order arrangement complex apparatus network administration institution setup
2. a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method. "a multiparty system of government" Similar: method methodology technique process procedure

The system of the "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" is to break down a business, entrepreneur or professional into understandable quantifiable singularities. These singularities are specialized and focused areas of business that are imperative to the bottom line and integral within the system of a company and normal operations.

One thing the Mayer Strategy Score and Rank does is allocate different levels of importance to each singularity, separating them into least important, less important, important, more important and most important. This helps to create a weighted and yet more accurate picture and understanding of a business, entrepreneur or professional.

The main purpose of the "Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™" is to come up with a score, that's it.

To come up with this score, however, takes a ton of time. This doesn't include all the time spent prior to even being able to come up with a system this in-depth.

The analysis and time spent researching, observing and questioning thoroughly enough to come to an accurate number, is then used for custom-products like the "Expert Cheat-Sheet™" and exclusive services like "Mayer's Master Marketing Management™".

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