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Get marketing services that are focused around strategies and campaigns designed from the ground up to be personalized to your specific situation and needs...

Get marketing services that are focused around strategies and campaigns designed from the ground up to be personalized to your specific situation and needs...

You can choose from a variety of marketing services to best fit your specific situation. These services can also be bundled together into a full marketing campaign.

Get your company ahead with some of the potent areas of marketing, that can truly make a difference to your bottom line. Our marketing services are exclusive and often proprietary. This means each service has its own methodology and process which provides consistent results.

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Mayer's Master Marketing Management

This is the full master marketing campaign, where we do a check-up on your business, create a strategy and plan and then manage the tasks and duties required

You can expect the following:

⦿ Expert cheat-sheet platinum pro.
⦿ We devise a full strategy and plan.
⦿ Implementation of the plan.

While there is no commitment just recommendations, this plan generally takes place over many months.

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Marketing Strategies

Without strategies, marketing basically doesn't even exist. Strategies are the core to your marketing that helps fuel it to success.

Marketing strategies provide you the insight to make intelligent and rationale decisions based on the most effective action for the desired goal.

Where one off service providers toss a dart blindfolded after being spun around a few times, those with marketing strategies laser focus a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at the bullseye.

Aiming at the bullseye is the only way to go

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Advertising Advertising is one of the most important marketing strategies you can have.

It becomes one of the main touchpoints between your customers and your prospects.

Advertising is not entertainment, it is meant to create sales, it is meant to sell.

Advertising is also not Art, it is made to create action and engagement, not hang around for people to look at.

It is critical you do the research and get the message right, for the intended recipient, or else your campaign will not maximize the return on ad spend.

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Copywriting is one of the most important and direct marketing methods you can utilize...

It is often where the real meat of conversions are and usually the only thing a prospect truly sees....

If you have lame copy you won't convert and thus will leave tons of money on the table...

But great copy is an Art, that takes reserach and time...

And without it, you will sell basically nothing and appeal to hardly anyone!

Get the right message communicated in the right way and you will be able to expontentially increase your returns...

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SEO has become one of the most important ways to get new customers and sales...

There are over 3.5 Billion searches on Google EVERY DAY!...

And 70-95% never go past page one...

Ranking on page one of search engines is a huge competiive advanage, and one that can gain you massive market share and consistent free traffic that converts...

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Web Design

Custom web design, from scratch or updates and improvements to your current website....

Get great results with the following as we are experts in:

• Wordpress
• Woo Commerce
• HTML only websites

These are great for the following types of websites: • Informational • Ecommerce • BLOG • Corporate • Design/Art/Entertainemnt • Real Estate • News • Startup +more

Get control over your company, brand and Website, by using Wordpress, Grav or HTML built websites, you can make the smart choice and avoid getting locked in by sites like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify etc.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages in the modern World are one of the most important aspects of not only lead generation but also converting prospects into customers and thus more sales and revenues...

Most landing pages suck...

Yet even just a minor improvement in a landing page can increase conversions by 300%+, which can translate into massive earnings...

If you are not funneling people properly, you will lose so many of them along the way, that you will just bleed money you could otherwise be making in profit...

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important marketing tactic..

. Email remarkeitng is where more of the conversions are, as it takes awhile before someone decides to actually give you money...

So after your amazing landing pages captures their information, you can then remarket to them via email and other means... These are where the bulk of sales generally are...

But without lead generation you are hoping on instant sales of hte buy now 3% of the market...

Get effective lead generation techniques implemented today and watch your businesses revenue start going up...

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Domains and Hosting

Web Hosting that is:

• Eco-friendly, powered by renewable energy
• 100% Canadian, all servers are based in Canada
• Affordable
• Reliable
• Fast and functional
• Free SSL Certificate
• CPanel Access
+a lot more

With technology and computers now causing a lot of climate problems for their energy consumption, our servers are powered by all renewable energy...

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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an important aspect of a marketing plan...
There are two main ways of email marketing, one is email advertising through things like GMail and the other is in remarketing...

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PPC Advertising

Get managed ads that convert with Mayer Digital Agencies PPC Advertising Management. Our first goal is to hone in the proper strategy, to maximize your spend and return. We focus on the creative and copywriting, based on your ideal customer. Once we are satisfied the ad is a winning ad, we then ensure proper targeting and account organization.

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Google Ads

Google is the largest ad seller on the Planet Earth. But if you aren't advertising on Google Ads nobody will see what you have to offer. Get your business in front of people searching for your services and products today.

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FaceBook Ads

Facebook has become the second largest ad seller on Planet Earth. Get the right Facebook Ads strategy with Mayer Digital Agency. People on Facebook are generally not looking for ads, so you have to be sure your creative is right for the platform. This requires different ads then you might use elsewhere.

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YouTube Ads

Video is taking over. While text is still important, more and more people are tuning into Video's and the demand is skyrocketing. Get your brand and business in front of these people with YouTube Ads. These are still some of the cheaper ads around and video is really moving the market these days.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram has a large user base that loves engaging content. Get your product in front of Instagram users eyes with Mayer Digital Agency. You must utilize each platform properly and cannot just use the same ad on each platform.

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