Strategy Sheets are similar to proposals but come with significantly more detail.

Strategy Sheets are designed to structure a full campaign, with step by step instructions on what to do and how to do it.

They are mini marketing plans designed usually for one specific project, service or idea.

These strategies take your personal situation into account and budget and break down exactly the best thing you should do to market and sell your service, product or brand.


Most small to medium sized businesses don't have a marketing team working in house. Those who hire outside agencies often play hot potato, jumping around from one agency to another using random services along the way. Many business owners aren't quite sure which platform is the best for them, or if it will work at all, and then spend hundreds to thousands of dollars trying one of them out, only to see worse results than they expected and then to often get cold feet or turned off from an agency and even a platform...

Many business owners have a difficult time trusting other people with their bottom lines and business decisions. Unfortunatley many of them listen to the wrong people, or none at all, in making their decisions. This often costs them more money and gets them fewer conversions and lower sales than they could have.

This is where strategy sheets can benefit the business.

They are less expensive than hiring an agency or marketing team to come up with a plan plus they are fully personalized to your situation AND are completely unbiased. Since we aren't trying to upsell you into using our services, you can be sure the strategy sheet is giving you the best solution possible to your wants and limitations.

Using our experience and abilities researching and analyzing, we can put together a step by step detailed strategy and plan with the things you need to implement, before you go spending a ton of money on different services or advertising.

These honed in strategy sheets are aimed at utilizing your budget the best and mazimizing every penny spent. No money is wasted and if a platform is not likely to convert at the desired rate for the specific project you have, than we will not recomend it.