How To Rank On Page One Of Google

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• Discover the 6 things that really matter when it comes to ranking your website and page
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• Some tips, tricks and how to's on ranking pages
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Advertising is still the big alpha dog in town, but Organic search results make up 70% of the overall clicks on Google...

But how many of those clicks are going to the sites ranking on the first page?

75% or more of people never make it to page 2... Some studies say it can be up to 95%!

The big problem with organic search results is the Top 5 make up the lion share of the clicks...

70% approximately!

What's worse is the vast majority of those clicks are from the top 3 spots...



So basically you better be showing up on the first page of Google or you stand no chance of being found!

There are at least 1.74 billion websites.

And only 10 spots that matter

actually only the top 3 matter if you want real action

for any given search term.

Those odds stink!

Unless you are extremely famous or a global corporation the chances of competing globally for main keywords is essentially impossible...

Luckily Google is smart enough to offer some local searches where the odds are a bit better. Even with that sometimes the competition is so fierce that it can be very difficult to rank your page locally

In modern times the search engines have become big ad sellers, Google is actually the biggest ad seller on the planet right now!

That makes it such a competitive advantage to rank on the first page of Google...

So how do you rank your website or page on the first page of Google?

The best way is with a system and a process...

I have created my own exclusive SEO Methodology which is a step-by-step process that breaks down the whole task of ranking a page into understandable and easy to follow tasks...

This How To Rank On The First Page Of Google Guide is the exact skeleton outline of my exclusive SEO ranking methodology!

easy to follow steps
simple tasks
that help organize the work, order it in the right sequence and systematically create an
easy process to follow

This turns ranking a page into a straight forward easy task that returns repeatable and consistent results...

So how do you start getting those results??

You can download my free 17-page guide on How To Get On The First Page Of Google" and start learning my exclusive process to ranking pages.

Download your free copy of "How To Get On The First Page Of Google" by entering your email address below and clicking on the button