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Justin Mayer

Founder and Lead Consultant
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We Up Your Game with our proprietary and exclusive Methods and Systems...

• 'Expert Cheat-Sheet'
• 'Mayer Strategy Score and Rank'
• 'Mayer's Methods'
• 'Master Guides'
• 'Strategy Sheets'
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➼ SEO Methodology
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➼ Google Ads Methodology
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➼ Article Writing Methodology
➼ Design Methodology
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What sets us apart from the competition?...

• Our Focus On Consulting First
• Our In-Depth Strategies
• Our Added Value Exclusive To Us Solutions...
Systems and Processes

Mayer's Methods

These methods are step by step procedures that are basically a guide to follow, which help accomplish tasks and duties...

For instance, we have a Consulting Methodology, which is a 14 step breakdown of our very own Consulting process.

These steps are then expanded upon with more detail to help ensure a thorough process.

Mayer's Methods™ allow for flexibility, fluidity and improvisation should the situation demand it.




Company & Owner Profile


Asset Analysis




Summary Sheet


Summary Sheet


Recommendations Sheet


Action Step Sheet


Full Report

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Mayer's Methods


Mayer's Methods bring consistency to otherwise chaotic situations and projects. Mayer's Methods allow for easy learning and providing a system and process that is easy to follow. This provides high quality and consistent results.

Systems and Processes | Exclusive & Proprietary

Mayer Strategy Score and Rank

A scoring and ranking system that makes growing and scaling business fun.

Do you find running your business to be too complicated?
Too stressful?
Too hard?
Is your business a bit unorganized?
Do you need more clarity in your day to day operations so you can plan better?

Or do you find the selling difficult or boring?
Do you want an easier way to know what you need to improve?
Do you want to know what will make the biggest impact to your bottom line?

Revenues are the most important thing in business, without them you will have no chance... This often means getting customers and sales... But there are so many things in business that you can do and the markets are as loud and cluttered as ever, it seems almost impossible to make sense of it all sometimes...

This is where the Mayer Strategy Score and Rank comes in... It breaks down a company into 54 categories... These categories are marketing strategies that are focused on key areas of revenue such as:

• Sales
• Customers
• Brand Credibility
• Leads
• Retention
• Strategy
• Research
• and more which you will find within the cheat-sheet

These 54 strategies are focused on the areas of revenues.

These are things like sales, acquiring customers, brand credibility and customer service.

These are weighted slightly heavier to immediate returns and gains.

Each strategy is given a score from 0-5 and a special exclusive equation calculates a score out of 100. This score out of 100 is your Mayer’s Strategy Score and represents what your company scores compared to a perfect company.

This game makes improving your company and increasing the bottom line actually fun!

You get simple understandable steps to follow and you get an organized and simple process to making the best improvements for your company...

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Mayer Strategy Score and Rank


Mayer Strategy Score and Rank™ is a scoring and ranking system that breaks down a company into 54 categories.

Custom Product

Expert Cheat-Sheet

142+ Page Business Scoring and Ranking Report

The Expert Cheat-Sheet is a document that is prepared from intense and in-depth analysis... This document is similar in style to a depreciation report instead the expert cheat-sheet is best for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals and is geared towards the revenue-generating areas of business.

This expert cheat-sheet can be used for anything you want to rank that is particular to sales, customers and brand credibility.

It is a 142+ page document that organizes revenue, sale generation and brand credibility into 54 separate strategies.

These strategies are each given a score out of 5, which are calculated using a special equation to give a company a score out of 100.

The cheat-sheet breaks down a company by each strategy and provides feedback, analysis and action steps...

We call it a cheat-sheet because you will basically be cheating it gives you such an advantage over your competition!

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Expert Cheat-Sheet


Get an unbiased expert big picture view and opinion of your business. This can help give you the insight you need to take your business to the next level...

How can we help you win?...

• Exclusive Consulting and Marketing Services/Products
• Our best advice for your success
• No pressure to use our services or products
• For your benefit only
• Open and transparent advice
• Value-added exclusive service
• Return clients satisfied enough to stay for years

Custom Products

Expert Cheat-Sheets
Master Guides
Strategy Sheets
Marketing Strategies
Mayer's Master Marketing Management
Personalized Strategy Session
Quick-Fire Consult
Creative Consulting
Marketing Consulting
SEO Consulting
Hourly Consultation
Web Design
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Why choose Mayer Digital Agency over our competition?

• exclusive and proprietary
• result based
• money-back guarantee
• happiness guarantee
• no credit-check financing
• special VIP service
• we offer elevated service besides the bare minimum
• personal and intimate, not some faceless big agency
• we source our information from experts who have invested hundreds of millions into their careers and companies and who help anyone from small players to multi-national conglomerates either become successful or further their success

This letter is in support of Justin Mayer.

I met Justin after having a bad experience with another marketer.

I couldn't believe what a difference it makes having someone like Justin handle my marketing needs.

He is personable, smart and really knows his business.

I rely on him totally for all my needs and he never lets me down.

I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for honest, forward-thinking business marketing.

Barry Casson c.s.c.

Film Producer, Author, Public Speaker.

*Barry has played in a band with David Foster, played drums with Chuck Berry, had thousands of his photographs used in Newspapers, studied film in Hollywood, opened Vancouver Islands first Film School, and even received recognition from the Chicago Film Festival for his film "Lost In The Woods". Now he is doing Public Speaking and spreading his knowledge of Film and finding success with students, teachers, organizations, government and more...

We use these creative and marketing tools and technologies +more...

About Mayer Digital Agency

A little bit about us…

Mayer Digital Agency is a bootstrapped marketing agency focused on consulting and marketing… While we started with digital marketing in Victoria, BC, we now service the Globe with our exclusive consulting and marketing solutions…

Most marketing at its core is done the same way, especially with digital marketing. It’s like painting by numbers… Most agencies offer basic marketing services and they all do it the same way, with the only differentiating factor being how much they get done in a certain period of time and their price…

Mayer Digital Agency is different

Mayer Digital Agency is different than our competitors because we provide value-added solutions that reach far beyond the basics of marketing…

With consulting being our focus and educating and empowering clients in our mission statement, we take a different approach than nearly all of our competitors…

While they often compete solely on price, applying downward pressure to markets, we instead find ways to go above and beyond while adding immense value far beyond the affordable rates we charge…

You will never get pressured

You will never get pressured into using any of our services…

If we feel that you are better off spending your money on something else, we will actually say so, forgoing the business in an effort to stay true to our brand and our promise…

Partner in your success and a partner you can trust…

This makes us a partner in your success and a partner you can trust…

Our philosophy is based on traditional marketing methods, with digital marketing simply being a new branch of traditional marketing…

Traditional marketing is best done through research and analysis and strategies and plans…

Without an overall strategy and mini-strategies within it, you are basically playing pin the tail on the donkey while drunk!

Effective and consistent marketing

Effective and consistent marketing is best done with full clarity and a big picture view…

To achieve great marketing, it must be done with zero bias, of any kind…

Humans are prone to bias and lack of awareness…

To make the best creative and marketing decisions for your company it should be done by removing all bias…

You can take all your money to the horse track and put it all in on your favorite horse, or you can study intensely, crunch numbers, listen to experts and make the best-educated bet you can with zero bias…

In the long-run, the latter will always win…

This is no different from marketing…

You can go ahead and toss all your money away following your bias, or you can remove yourself and get a non-partisan big-picture view, taking all the information and analysis and coming up with the most educated guess you can…

This is what Mayer Digital Agency does!

Adding value far beyond the basics of service marketing…

While our competitors take your money for shoddy service, where they conceal the truth often telling you lots of lies, we instead do our research and analysis and remove all our own bias and focus on educating and empowering you while adding value far beyond the basics of service marketing…

We do this because it is the right thing to do…

Most of our clients seem to agree, often staying with us for many years…

About Mayer Digital Agency

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