5 Powerful Marketing Principles

5 Powerful Marketing Principles I personally implement to increase sales and get more customers. These marketing principles have also improved my brand credibility and helped me put some fear in the competition!

marketing principles

Marketing Principles 101

I get it, most marketing material and marketing 101 in general will tell you that the only marketing principles that exist are the 7 P's, formerly the 4 P's. These are product, price, place, promotion, people, positioning and packaging.

But these P's are not 5 Powerful Marketing Principles.

The thing is, to actual marketing masters, these are just loose vague terms to better help layman's sort of understand something. These P's aren't marketing, they are just words, and ultimately a very poor representation of what marketing actually is.

What is marketing?

To help dispel this misinformation, I am sharing today 5 Powerful Marketing Principles, which you can implement immediately. These principles will help steer you in the right direction.

In order to start doing the right kind of marketing you first have to pull yourself from all the misinformation and fraudsters, the scammers and uneducated, and instead start to understand what marketing actually is.

Following the 7 Marketing Principles is a disaster waiting to happen, here's why. It isn't focused on the right things. It is a bit vague and ultimately isn't an accurate reflection of the true situation of not only the market, but your company and your competitors.

It's more a set of vague parameters to help corporate suits ram rod something through. It is a way to push something upon people, not actual marketing.

Marketing is really just the art of selling.

Marketing doesn't care about price!

Real marketing doesn't so much care about price. When you master the art of selling the price becomes secondary, where people are so rabid to give you money for your product or service that they don't even care what the price is. If you want to play the volume game competing solely on price, then even more reason to understand what marketing principles truly are.

Your product could be a service, or it could be a free gift, or it could be something else entirely. Don't get tunnel vision listening to the marketing text books of old, or the stale techniques pushed forth by for profit companies looking to get money out of your pocket!

You can take a look at these 7 Marketing Principles, the 7 P's, here at Wikiversity principles of marketing

Sure there's lots of information there, but none of it has anything to do with the art of selling, which is what marketing truly is. It's all just institutional crap that will take your focus off the target. It will take your focus and shove it into some kind of boring busy work stuff.

Don't fall for it. While it's still good information to know and have, please don't go thinking that is marketing. Please don't think those are the only marketing principles that matter or mean anything.

Marketing Defined

Let's take a look at what Wikipedia says marketing is. Wikipedia says 'Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as "the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large".[4] The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to market with goods for sale.'

That makes more sense. Something that talks about value for people, that talks about society at large, that talks of more important words such as communication and exchanging offerings.

This sounds more like the art of selling.

Now that we have somewhat defined marketing enough to understand the gist of it, it's time to look at the principles of marketing, or rather, 5 Powerful Marketing Principles you can implement right now.

marketing principles

5 Powerful Marketing Principles!

1. Create Killer Offers!

One of the most important marketing principles and strategies is simply to just make incredible offers.

If you can make jaw dropping awe inspiring offers, you will dominate! Not only will you dominate, you will have non stop customers, sales and revenues.

This might be the number 1 powerful marketing tactic and technique you can employ today.

Why is the offer so powerful?

Think about it, the Internet has exploded with competition. It's no longer a local game, it's gone Global. Not just for possible customers, but also for possible competitors. Some working in Countries that $10/hour is good money! Many of the once most powerful companies around have had to go Bankrupt due to the exponential increase in competition, especially online.

That means you have a lot of competition, even if you are a small player in a small pond! A lot of fishermen for a few and lesser fish all the time.

The right question is, how do you ensure you beat your competitors and get the sale?

One of the fastest, easiest and best ways is to simply make an incredible offer. Let's say you haven't had sex for awhile and were really itching to get laid. If an attractive Woman came up to you and asked you to take her to bed, you would likely jump at the opportunity acting so fast you couldn't keep your pants on let alone any money in your wallet!

So be the Woman asking some guy to go to bed, and increase your sales, your click through rates, your conversions, your leads, your prospects, your revenues and the list goes on.

That is how you win! That is marketing! And that is a marketing principle!

To satisfy customers be the woman making such an incredible offer. Focus on your customer and clients. While price, product, placement, packaging is all important at some point, without knowing what your customer actually wants you'd just be wasting your time on the nomenclature and technicalities of textbooks!

Examples of Killer Offers

Using ourselves as an example, just head to our Home Page at MayerDigitalAgency.com and scroll down to see some of our offers.

We are offering a free 67 page report valued at over $500 that includes a gift. We offer How To Guides free of charge that can help you avoid hiring agencies or professionals.

We have 90 Day Guarantees for some services that are tied to results so if we fail we work for free.

Our Money Back Guarantee removes the risk and puts our money where our mouth is, something most others don't do!

We have a happiness guarantee, so if you ain't happy you don't have to pay.

We offer easy no credit-check financing, to help offset the burden of upfront fees.

Are we the woman asking to take some guy to bed? I'm not sure, but at times it seems that way! Not that we are a Woman or see ourselves that way just that generally Woman are not overly eager to have a guy ask them to bed before even knowing their name!

It seems so many people have been burned and scammed by poor agencies, marketers, advertisers and designers that removing all the risk and offering a bunch of high-quality stuff for free, really strips their clothes off fast!

Don't be afraid to try some different offers, it won't kill you. You don't have to give the farm away, you just need to find something that works, for you, to get ahead and ultimately win.

People generally like offers, it motivates them. In a competitive World where most people aren't motivated to give you money, anything helps. So get started making killer offers and start winning today!

2. Create An Ideal Customer

This is one of the most basic yet elusive and secretive marketing principles in existence today.

If any principle I talk about today is Marketing 101, then creating an ideal customer is it. This is so basic it's hard to fathom why so many businesses and professionals continually get it wrong.

Not only that, most agencies, advertisers, marketers and designers often have zero clue how to even go about defining your ideal customer.

Spend the most time on your ideal customer

You should be spending so much time on your ideal customer it isn't even funny. Instead most business owners pay some freelancer or cheap marketing chop shop to whip some marketing materials and ads together for them. These people never even do a competitors analysis let alone come up with an ideal customer.

Sure maybe you or your agency clicks around in the back-end of Facebook honing in your target market, but that doesn't work unless you have already hyper-defined your ideal customer . They are the #1 person you want, and ultimately need to sell to.

If you had a size 30 pair of pants that you had to sell, would asking an overweight person to buy your pants be smart? No, it wouldn't. They might have a nephew who recently asked them to find them a pair of size 30 pants, but that's a pipe dream and waste of time.

Your ideal customer would be someone who wears size 30 pants. You would then further define it based on other parameters such as style, taste, favorite color, likes, dislikes, hobbies, skills and the list goes on for nearly ever.

Your ideal customer is your Wife or Husband!

Think about it like dating. Would you randomly try and pick anybody up if you were looking for a Husband or Wife? What if they liked different things, weren't into the same sex and ultimately didn't dress or look the way you wanted?

You would probably move on fairly fast. Which is exactly what happens to so many businesses, they get one sale and then lose that customer or client for the rest of their life.

You should want each of your clients and customers to essentially be your wife or husband. If you accomplish this you will have mastered the art of the ideal customer.

Your ideal customer should be the person whos best fit for your product or service, that you most want to buy it and use it. The person who you designed your product or service for is your ideal customer.

By focusing on the ideal customer you ensure yourself the best of the best. You will see the highest click through rates and conversion rates. You will see the happiest most satisfied clients and customers who will keep coming back. They will be loyal!

If however you choose not to focus on an ideal customer or worse not even define one, then you will surely lose to your competition. So win!

3. Optimize Your Digital Assets

Most people seem to just get an asset done good enough to push to market, and then never go back to make it better.

Optimizing your digital assets is one of the most powerful marketing principles there is, and yet most fail to take advantage of it.

When you optimize your assets you can streamline them and not only increase their efficiency you can also increase their productivity.

But how is a digital asset productive?

A digital asset is basically money and your advertisements and landing pages the printing machine!

Your digital assets are working for you, even when you sleep. So obviously fine tuning them will get them working better for you.

Better digital assets mean more revenue. It means higher engagement, higher click through rates, higher conversions and therefore lower costs and higher revenues, thus more productivity!

Your digital assets are producing clients and customers, prospects and users, partners and usable information and data. These assets are like machines that are producing raw material you can use to make money.

The better your machines run, the less downtime you experience and the more efficient your whole process will be, thus elimiating waste (less clicks, low conversions, lost sales) and increasing yield (high conversion rates, high click through rates, captured and increased sales).

Optimizing assets makes you money!

If a definition of marketing is to bring product to market and offer it for sale, than not only are your digital assets the road they travel on, they are the vehicle they travel in and every touch point along the way for people to connect to your brand, your product or service and your company.

If I say "Give me your money now for something I derive a benefit from that you might not need at all!", would that work? Would you be excited and interested? That is what some companies digital assets are saying, and yet they never try and change them or make them better.

Don't make every touch point with your brand some aggressive give you money now shouting headline. Your digital assets really are that touchpoint, the communication point, make sure you optimize them to meet the market and move the needle, not make demands for things you get.

marketing principles

4. Start A Whole Strategy

Most people nowadays are enamored with digital marketing.

They think the Internet has taken over and created new fresh and different ways to market product and/or service to consumers.

These people often rush to social media and blogs and maybe slap in some lazy SEO, and that is their whole strategy!

I've seen institutions teaching digital marketing who've failed to mention that digital marketing is really just a tiny part of general marketing.

Focusing on only digital marketing for an overall strategy is death.

Knowing digital marketing should be like adding ammunition and armory to an already well equipped and organized army ready to annihilate!

Therefore when coming up with a strategy make sure you don't get blinded into just looking at digital marketing.

Whether it's direct mail or a facebook ad you are dealing with the same fundamental thing, getting something in front of someone's eyes for hopefully at least a few seconds.

So why separate the two? They are the same thing!

When you are putting your marketing plan together, you should come up with a whole strategy. An all encompassing full view plan of attack that is so cohesive and thorough you have no chance of failure!

With a whole plan you ultimately have to do the proper analysis. The proper analysis is where you will learn things you didn't know. Where you will find things out about the market and your competitors and yourself that you didn't previously know about or believe.

If you instead just slap something together to make a few tweets and run a blog, you will stay blinded to what is really going on and ultimately waste your time spinning your tires and not really getting ahead.

You might then look around, seeing others seeming success and get frustrated wondering why you aren't succeeding. It's often because these people have at least a much better thought out strategy and plan than you do.

The thing is, most of your competitors are still falling well short of the best. This gives you a chance. There is an opportunity to really break through and succeed. You can basically compete, win and even dominiate.

But only if you have a full complete and whole strategy!

5. Create Goodwill

First let me state that I believe Creating Goodwill to be a vitally critical marketing strategy. If you read my other material or you know who I am, you will know that I believe it to be extremely important to do Goodwill for the right reasons, with softer corporate and promotional engagement and to of course expect nothing in return. But times are tough and the Governments and Cities aren't solving the problems, lest we forget they need all of our Money just to be able to do anything anyways! So I will always suggest that people engage in Goodwill regardless their motive, even if it's purely selfish and for all the wrong reasons, so long as some cash gets in the hands of people and charities that the Government and Cities are largely ignoring and letting down and who truly need the help. I am also tired of seeing Governmen's and Cities taking all the glory for their great charity work, when they are basically just taking the publics money and tossing it around on their behalf. That is why personal and corporate goodwill is so important.

Carrying on.


You mean give something away, for nothing?

But I don't want to is what so many people say. They are their own charity, they don't want to give, they want to be given to.

I understand. The cost of living is high. Expenses are up across the board. Times are challenging. And it isn't getting any easier. So I totally get it, I've often felt similar in the past. There's nothing wrong with thinking like this, you don't have to be ashamed.

But think about it like this.

You want people to buy your product or service, or use whatever it is you do so that you get money, so that you can buy stuff, like food and medicine.

In order to get people to do what you want you have to spend either time or money or both.

You also have other expenses. Things you are likely fairly sure you have to have or really need.

What if you could easily whittle something so unimportant from your expenses, like a basic tangible asset not worth much, and instead put it into some well thought out Goodwill?

You are likely paying something per lead and per customer/client. While not easily tracked, Goodwill will eventually provide you some of your best clients and customers and at often a cheaper cost of aquisition!

Goodwill is really a no-brainer, the hard-part is convincing people.

It's hard because you don't often see immediate returns and when you do you can't quantify them.

People are skeptical and cynical these days. Many believe every Corporation is evil and greedy and here to destroy the World and Planet.

Goodwill can help to break these thought patterns. Suddenly you aren't seen as the bad guy and you aren't seen as evil. How is that a bad thing?

Now you are creating positive stories and moments and really touching peoples hearts, all for a few measly dollars or something free or something using your time.

All of a sudden people will want to give to you, their money, for doing work for them, just like you want!

Goodwill is a strong and powerful marketing principle and one that should be employed by almost everybody. There are ways to do it where it doesn't cost you a ton. And ways to utilize the giving as a great soft sell with zero promotion to all your followers and prospects.

Goodwill will make it easier for you to get known, which can increase your sales and get you more customers, the things that will put money in your pocket so you can go do all the things you truly want to be doing!


In conclusion it's important to remember what this whole article was even about.

This article was about 5 Powerful Marketing Principles.

The 5 principles discussed in this article were: 1. Create a Killer Offer 2. Create an Ideal Customer 3. Optimize Your Digital Assets 4. Start A Whole Strategy 5. Create Goodwill

I also disregarded the 7 P's of marketing as largely nonsense in relation to what marketing actually is.

I then roughly defined what Marketing is.

Marketing is really just the art of selling

So master the art of selling and you will be a master marketer engaging in Marketing!

To learn more about marketing principles and these 5 powerful marketing strategies talked about in this Article, please click the image below to read about our FREE 67 page report titled "11 Critical Strategies You Need To Implement Right Now Or Else Your Business Doesn't Stand A Chance!".

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