Master Guides: 25-100 Pages

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Master Guides are indepth documents based on research, analysis, observation and experience... We use our expertise and research capabilities to put together a "How To" manual on something related to Marketing... This could be how to write the best ads. We hold nothing back in these guides and give you the most modern up to date detailed information on precisely how to do something. There is no guess work needed, no puzzles to put together, just specifics and detailed information on how to do the marketing specific task as best as possible. These guides allow you physical tangible content you can read and keep in the office for others to study from.

Example: You need help doing Instagram ads and posts but would prefer a hard copy "How To" manual from working experts as opposed to YouTube videos or online courses from random people. You also want to do it yourself or have an employee do it for you. You don't want to pay for training. You request a Master Guide for Instagram because there are none available in our store. You have the option of 1. allowing us to sell it one month after you receive it - you get the lowest price 2. you keep it only for yourself and don't allow us to sell it - a bit more expensive)

Beneifts of Master Guides: • Cheaper than training or hiring an agency or freelancer • Faster and less risky than trying to learn it yourself • Expert industry information designed to help you be the best • Step by step details to help you follow along and nail the project

Master Guides are similar to our FREE Guide Downloads BUT jam packed with more information, detail, tips and tricks... Our FREE guides are meant to wet your appetite while giving you some of the flavor while our Master Guides are the full course meal including how to make each dish.

The biggest difference between our Master and FREE guides is in the level of information. While our FREE guides contain nearly everything you need to know about how to do something in the big view, our Master Guides are focused and honed in with more specific details and precise steps and tasks that you must follow.

Master Guides contain more breakdown into how to do something with specifics into each task.

Our FREE guides are about a quarter of the length of our Master Guides.