the definition of consulting and consultant
What does consulting mean and what does a consultant do?

Consulting is generally defined as “engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a specific field.”

You can look at a consultant as somebody who gives advice to a specific group of people.

So you can look at consulting like this….

Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people.

The definition is that simple.


Consulting can generally be categorized into the following:

  1. Providing information to clients.

    2. Solving client’s problems.

    3. Making a diagnosis, which may require a redefinition of the problem.

    4. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis made.

    5. Assisting with the implementation of recommended strategies, plans and solutions.

    6. Helping to build a consensus and commitment around corrective action.

    7. Facilitating client learning—teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future.

    8. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.

Consultation Meaning

the process of discussing something with someone in order to get their advice or opinion about it:

  • He made the decision in consultation with his parents and teachers.

    More examples

    •The policy change was presented to us as a fait accompli, without consultation or discussion.

    •She spent hours in consultation with her lawyers.

    •I chose the present in consultation with my friends.

    •Has there been any consultation with the unions.

    •the act of exchanging information and opinions about something in order to reach a better understanding of it or to make a decision, or a meeting for this purpose:

    • We hope to work in consultation with Congress on how the law should be interpreted.

    •The consultation with the pathologist convinced me to have surgery right away.

So what is a consultant? A consultant is someone who has some level of expertise that a particular group of people find valuable, and people within that group are willing to pay the consultant to access their expertise.

Consultant definition

a specialist (= doctor with special training and knowledge in a particular area of medicine)

a person who is a specialist in a particular subject and whose job is to give advice and information to businesses, government organizations, etc.:

More examples

• We ought to hire a public relations consultant to help improve our image.

• The doctor gave him a referral to the consultant.

• Eventually they found a consultant they felt they could do business with .

• She set up in business as a management consultant.

• She is a feng shui consultant.


The Truth About Consulting

If a consultant is someone who gives advice, than it begs the question, why do people want to pay for or buy advice from anyone?

Why do people normally ask for advice?

They want to be better. They want to make a change. Or they want to improve on something in their life or even themselves. They might have a goal and some hurdles are in their way. They just have to be something, they have to be someone. Or they just might be curious or seeking more information to make a decision. Whatever the underlying desire the reality is it is because they need help.

Basically a person is at a specific status or place in life and they want to be in a different status or place, a better spot.

That is why people usually ask for advice. Because they are at status A and want to move up to status B. They ask for that advice either because they are uncertain of how to get there or else they are looking for either more confirmation or else detractors. Detractors can help provide them the devils advocate which can help highlight the areas of uncertainty.

And that’s ultimately at the core of what consulting is.

The truth of consulting is that in its essence its simply about helping people solve problems and move from their current state to their desired state.

That’s it.

That’s consulting in its essence: helping people solve problems and achieve results.

If all the information is already online and all it takes is some research and due diligence and a bit of time figuring things out yourself... Than why does anyone even bother paying for consulting?

Why People Hire Consultants

There are four main reasons people pay for advice:

  1. They can’t figure it out or get to their desired state on their own.
  2. They have a general idea, but they need more advice to get their quicker.
  3. They want to save time and effort by following an efficient, proven system.
  4. They are on the fence and want more information and advice so they can make a better decision.
  1. They can’t get there on their own.

People often have goals. They write goals for many years in advance. When they first right down their goals they are at status A. To get all the way to the end of their goals and achieve them perfectly is status B.

The sad reality is more people than not will be unable to get from status A to status B.

You can see it all the time in the self-help field. People struggling to get anywhere in life, unable to achieve their goals, and buying self-help books, attending seminars, watching how to videos, listening to podcasts and basically stalking every guru and successful person in the field to try and get the secrets.

They end up chasing their tail, or the magic bullet, and often get scammed a lot along the way. They know others have achieved that success, they know it's not all a scam, they are just unable to make it happen themselves and need some help.

  1. They want to get there faster.

We have been living in the “I want everything right now” mentality within society for many years now. People want everything at the snap of their fingers and waiting even minutes can throw some people into extreme temper tantrums.

Because of this phenomenon people can no longer wait. They don’t want to pay their dues anymore. They just want it now, and industry has started to serve that demand.

The smart ones know that other people have accomplished what they are attempting to accomplish. They know the road has already been paved. They don’t want to be a pioneer. They want to take the easy route.

So they seek out the advice sooner than later, and help expedite their desired goal.


  1. They want a proven system to reach their goal.

Many people either don’t have the time or else find their strengths lie elsewhere. These people want results, and fast, and they know that the best way will be to follow a system, preferably proven.

This desire for a proven system from someone who has “been there, done that” has created a ton of money for people. It's one of the main reasons why you are seeing so many people who find success, immediately selling their system to the World.


  1. They are on the fence and want more information and advice so they can make a better decision.

Some people are actually on the fence. They have done some research and their due diligence. They have put a bunch of time and hard work in and they are at a critical point in their plan. These people are often uncertain of either the validity of their plan, the changing markets and demand, the competition, or some personal reason, and they are seeking the final bits of information and advice to help them make that critical decision.

It could be a hurdle or a road-block that either threatens the whole business or else highlights a significant problem that requires a solution.

They know that to ease their mind, remove a bit of worry and anxiety, that the fastest way to get off the fence is to get some advice.


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