Gift Vouchers
Terms and Conditions

Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

MDA Gift Voucher

You may have found a gift voucher in one of our free downloads or a business promo card.

These Gift Vouchers are redeemable at Mayer Digital Agency against service or product invoices.

Here are the restrictions:
1. Limit of one gift voucher per person per voucher.
2. Only one voucher can be applied per invoice.
3. For any invoice under $1000, only 50% of the voucher can be applied to 50% of the invoice. Example: Invoice-$999 * 50% = $499.50 Voucher=$500 * 50%=$250.Invoice=$999-250.
4. Voucher does not apply to tax or financing charges.
5. The Voucher contains no cash equivalent. (This voucher cannot be turned in for cash!)
6.Voucher cannot be used for domains or hosting at this time.

That is it! There are currently no other restrictions or terms or conditions.

You may use these voucher's with other offers, just not with other vouchers.

Vouchers are good indefinitely and can be used on numerous invoices until the balance reaches zero.

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