the definition of marketing and marketer
What does marketing mean and what does a marketer do?

Marketing is generally known as the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers through a value exchange.

You can define marketing as a job that involves encouraging people to buy a product or service.

Here are some examples:

• a career in marketing

• Our marketing people have come up with a great idea for the launch of the new model.

• Obviously, as a sales manager, he'll be very involved in the promotion and marketing of the product.

• We need to decide soon what marketing strategy we should pursue these new products.

• Ted was slobbering over the pretty new assistant in marketing.

• Joe Walker will be spearheading our new marketing initiative.

• The studio is using all sorts of marketing tricks to squeeze as much profit from the movie as they can.

Marketing in its simplest form is the Art of Selling.

Wikipedia states that in the past, marketing practice tended to be seen as a creative industry, which included advertising, distribution and selling.

However, because the academic study of marketing makes extensive use of social sciences, psychology, sociology, mathematics, economics, anthropology and neuroscience, the profession is now widely recognized as a science

The process of marketing is that of bringing a product to market, which includes these steps:

  1. broad market research

    2. market targeting and market segmentation

    3. determining distribution

    4. pricing and promotion strategies.

    5. developing a communications strategy

    6. budgeting

    7. visioning long-term market development goals

  2. Many parts of the marketing process (e.g. product design, art director, brand management, advertising, inbound marketing, copywriting etc.) involve use of the creative arts.

Marketer Meaning

A person or company that markets goods (=makes them available in a way that encourages people to buy them, for example by advertising):

  • Drug marketers are always concerned about what they say in their ads and whether they comply with guidelines.

    More examples

    •He was the company's co-founder and a master marketer.

    •We tried to keep the group small and had a only few good programmers and a few marketers.

    •He doesn't have the formal education as a marketer, but he has great marketing ideas.

    •She is a former marketer for a computer company.

    •Ever the marketer, he adds, "If you want an iPod for Christmas, I'd get one early."

The Truth About Marketing

If a marketer is someone who markets goods, then it begs the question, why do people want to pay for or buy marketing services from anyone?

Why do people normally ask for help to sell their goods?

They want to solve a problem. They want to make a fix. Or they want to get someone else to do the work for them. Or they can't do the work themselves. They might have a goal and some hurdles are in their way. They just have to do something, or grow their company or be super-rich. Or they just might be short of time, energy or people. They may not know how to sell something and are desperate for help. Whatever the underlying desire the reality is it is because they need help to sell their goods.

Basically a person wants or needs something or something happens and in order to move on or get somewhere they want to be, they have to solve that problem.

That is why people usually ask for help with their marketing. Because they are at point A and want to be done with X so they can get to B. They ask for that help either because they don't know enough about it themselves or they are not the type to do it themselves or they simply can't.

And that’s ultimately at the core of what marketing is.

The truth of marketing is that in its essence it's simply the Art of Selling. And a marketers job is to sell goods for themselves or for someone else.

That’s it.

That’s marketing in its essence: helping people to sell more stuff.

But all the information is already out there on how to market. With the Internet everywhere, even on Everest, the World of Marketing is at your fingertips. There are numerous places you can learn marketing from some of the best scholars around for a fraction of normal tuition. So that begs the question, why do people even hire marketers anyways?

Why People Hire Marketers

There are four main reasons people pay for marketing:

  1. They can’t figure it out or get to their desired state on their own.
  2. They have a general idea, but they need more advice to get their quicker.
  3. They want to save time and effort by following an efficient, proven system.
  4. They are on the fence and want more information and advice so they can make a better decision.
  1. They can’t get there on their own.

People often have goals. They write goals for many years in advance. When they first write down their goals they are at moment A. To get all the way to the end of their goals and achieve them perfectly is moment B.

The sad reality is more people than not will be unable to get from moment A to moment B.

You can see it all the time in self-help. People struggling to get anywhere in life, unable to achieve their goals, and buying self-help books, attending seminars, watching how-to videos, listening to podcasts and basically stalking every guru and successful person in the field.

They end up chasing their tail, or the magic bullet and often get scammed a lot along the way. They know others have achieved that success, they know it's not all a scam, they are just unable to make it happen themselves and need some help.

  1. They want to get there faster.

We have been living in the “I want everything right now” mentality within society for many years now. People want everything at the snap of their fingers and waiting even minutes can throw some people into extreme temper tantrums.

Because of this phenomenon people can no longer wait. They don’t want to pay their dues anymore. They just want it now, and industry has started to serve that demand.

The smart ones know that other people have accomplished what they are attempting to accomplish. They know the road has already been paved. They don’t want to be a pioneer. They want to take the easy route.

So they seek out the advice sooner than later and help expedite their desired goal.


  1. They want a proven system to reach their goal.

Many people either don’t have the time or else find their strengths lie elsewhere. These people want results and fast and they know that the best way will be to follow a system, preferably proven.

This desire for a proven system from someone who has “been there, done that” has created a ton of money for people, and its one of the main reasons why you are seeing so many people who find success immediately selling their system to the World.


  1. They are on the fence and want more information and advice so they can make a better decision.

Some people are actually on the fence. They have done some research and their due diligence. They have put a bunch of time and hard work in and they are at a critical point in their plan. These people are often uncertain of either the validity of their plan, the changing markets and demand, the competition, or some personal reason, and they are seeking the final bits of information and advice to help them make that critical decision.

It could be a hurdle or a road-block that either threatens the whole business or else highlights a significant problem that requires a solution.

They know that to ease their mind, remove a bit of worry and anxiety, that the fastest way to get off the fence is to get some advice.


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