Financing Made Easy
Mayer's Easy No Credit-Check Financing™

Mayer's Easy No Credit Check Financing

Financing Made Easy

You can finally get nice easy financing for your consulting, design, web and marketing wants.

If you want a killer ad made, you can use our financing to make smaller payments. With our Money Back Guarantee, if we don't get you results, not only will you get your Money Back, the Easy Financing will leave your initial exposure to a lesser amount.

How does this financing work for YOU?

1. You indicate you would like to finance your project and/or invoice.
2. You choose between 6 and 12 months of equal payments.
3. You pay a financing fee of 7.5% which is calculated on the total amount and divided among your payments equally.
4. You sign a simple small contract agreeing to these terms and promising to pay the financing in full as per the specific payment terms within the contract.

Financing Example

You go for the big one, the full deal, the whole package, and splurge on a Mayer's Master Marketing Management, committing to 3 months without a term contract @ $10,000 / month over 12 months. You are only committed to each month as it happens, and not actually committed to 3 months of financing. You only pay for what you agree to and nothing more. There are zero hidden fees or hidden anything. There is no catch.

Month #1
$10000 * 5%(GST)=$500
$10500 * 7.5%=$787.50
$11287.50 / 12 = $940.63
Your payment will be


each month for 12 months

Month #2
$10000 * 5%(GST)=$500
$10500 * 7.5%=$787.50
$11287.50 / 12 = $940.63 Month #1 + Month #2 = $1881.26 for 11 months with the 12th month being $940.63, unless there is another invoice being financed on top of it.

Month #3 is a repeat of the breakdown and added to your previous monthly payment.
In this instance your new monthly total will be $2821.89 for 10 months.
You will then have 1 month at $1881.26 and one final payment 15 months from your initial start date of $940.63.

What are some more details?

1. For monthly invoices resulting from recurring monthly services, each month will be financed separately, starting from the date of the new service. Since we don't use term contracts for monthly services, we allow you to finance each month on its own. This helps to offset the upfront burden of expenses and provides you some more flexibility.
2. You won't be reported to any credit bureau, but we will use small claims, sheriffs and detectives if we have to.
3. You will agree to a PayPal monthly charge paying via your credit card. You will not be charged any additional fees beyond the ones you agree to within the financing. Return clients may be able to pay utilizing different payment options.
4. You can use vouchers on your financing charges.
5. No rights will transfer until all payments are made in full and the contract has been null and voided. You will always receive a signed rights and copyright form when working with us. The terminology within the contracts states that all rights and ownership will be transferred upon final and complete payment. This document protects you more than it helps us.

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